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 "Trainer.Don.Rocks!  Seriously though, I love not only listening to Don speak, but working with him as well.  His energy and enthusiasm for the multifamily industry is contagious.  His knowledge of our industry - combined with his fantastic delivery - will both entertain and educate his audience members.  Don's great!"

Lisa Trosien, Principal, Apartment Expert 


"As a speaker and trainer, Don is in a category all by himself.  No one can capture the attention of a group like Don can and I have witnessed this many times over.  He knows how to relate the material to everyone.  No matter what the topic, he is able to reach every person in the room and make the experience personal.  This is frequently done with humor which helps make the information and training experience memorable.  This is brilliant.  Why?  Because the attendees talk about their day of training with Don over and over again, long after the class is over.  They love to repeat the stories that made them laugh but always circle back to the lesson Don was teaching. .Yes!  The training sticks far longer than the seminar. I typically get so much resistance when I offer training to employees, except when I tell them Trainer Don is in town.  Funny how I always seem to get 100% participation!  The attendees show up eager and ready for a day of learning, knowing they will be fully entertained every step of the way. What he has is a gift of immeasurable value.  I have learned so much myself from Don. We are so fortunate he continues to share this incredibly effective gift. " 

Marie Hamilton, Area Vice President, Laramar Group


"Don never ceases to amaze me.  I have heard Don at least a dozen times and I walk away with something new and different each time.  I had the privilege to work under Don for 2 year and I am still implementing his ideas that have followed me through out my career in Property Management.  If you ever get an opportunity to listen to him speak, drop everything you are doing and soak it all in.  He is AWESOME!"

Kim Brickhouse, Regional Manager, Newport Property Ventures LTD

“Trainer Don is hands down one of the most knowledgeable and insightful speakers in the business!  I make it a priority to attend seminars when he speaks.  I’ve traveled the country and have attended my share of seminars and speakers and I have to say Don’s speaking engagements are the best in the business.  The industry would be better served having more engaging,  focused and hysterical speakers s

such as Don!”

Fernando Polanco, Senior Sales Executive,  Apartment Guide 

"As a speaker, Trainer Don is an engaging and inspiring presenter.  You will gain great new ideas while falling off you chair laughing.  His insight and experience coupled with his humor will make you want to come back for more.  He makes learning fun."

Lily Godow, Community Manager, Laramar Management Services

“What an incredible gift you have, Don!  You have the ability to turn an average performer into an excited leasing professional  that can’t wait to practice what you’ve taught them—specifically how to use their product knowledge and enthusiasm to lease apartment homes.  Even though I first witnessed you in action over 17 years ago, your passion is still real and your content always right on with today’s market demands.”   

Karen Brandell, VP of Educational Services, Concord Management Ltd.

"I truly enjoy hearing Trainer Don speak.  I don’t believe there is a topic he could not make fascinating and funny.  His humor and knowledge are a great combination! The industry is lucky to have him sharing both."

Karen Saterlee, Account Executive, The Strategic Solution

 "Trainer Don has an amazing charismatic enchantment with his audiences. His real world experiences bring his training concepts to life. Not only is he knowledgeable about his topics, he couples humor throughout his presentations to gain that "audience buy in" for better understanding.  Who doesn't love Trainer Don!"

Jackie Ramstedt, CAM,CAPS, CAS, Owner, CMO Chief Motivational Officer, Ramsted Enterprises, Inc.


"What a dynamic and motivational speaker. Don is one of the best I have heard, always full of energy and enthusiasm.   No one leaves the room without being fired up, pumped up and ready to make a difference. In 2013 AAKC used Trainer Don as their MC for the awards banquet, he did an exceptional job.   A true inspiration to us all." 

Debbie Haukenberry,  Executive Director, AAKC - Apartment Association of Kansas City 


"Superb...amazing...thought provoking!  That is what comes to mind after attending Don's seminar. He has an uncanny ability to capture the attention of the audience  and relate to everyone at once. Through humor, he draws you in, breaks down barriers and invites you to reflect on how you are managing your business and/or personal situation.  Whether its Leasing 101 or Life Management, you walk away with an honest assessment of where you are at, where you need to be and tools to help you get there.   

Dori Rones, General Sales Manager, For Rent Media Solutions 

"I am a multi-family industry professional with twenty-plus years of experience and have had the pleasure of experiencing Don's amazing delivery many times in both Keynote settings as well as educational settings.  Don is full of fresh ideas and delivers every message in a unique, interesting and fun way. I can honestly say that Don is one of very few that has the ability to both gain my attention and maintain it. Hands down, the best speaker I have had the pleasure to experience. I always leave a meeting with Don with a smile on my face and a lasting positive message." 

Cynthia Nichols, Property Manager, Pembrook Club Apartments, BH Management


"Don Sanders is one of the most innovative, interesting, fun and knowledgeable trainers I know. He captures his audience and makes them fall in love with him  - they WANT to hear what he has to say and become 100% engaged.  I have heard Don numerous times and am ready for the next opportunity!  I would recommend him to any organization inside or outside the apartment industry!"

Tami Muller, Director of Marketing, Decon Environmental

 "In a word, Don is awesome. He is THE expert in apartment management. Don connects and engages his audience with energy, passion and a love of the industry. What really impresses me about Don is that he cares. He cares about your association, your company and you. Don knows the way to success in apartment management and he is willing to share it.  Simply put, in the apartment management arena there is nobody more fun, more qualified or better than Don Sanders."

Joel Zeff, keynote speaker and author of Make the Right Choice: Creating a Positive, Innovative and Productive Work Life


"When I first met you I was impressed that your outlook on everyday life was so positive. When I first heard you speak and say..."Jump, Shake and Percolate!" it stuck with me and I use it to this day.  You have changed the way I wake up and face my day. No matter what I face I think of your sayings and I get motivated. It has been a true joy working with you. I can not wait to hear you speak again at our next conference later this month."

Chrissy Vallee, Business Manager, CAM, Viera Plantation, JMG Realty, Inc.

"Don's POWER CLOSE seminar was informative, motivating and entertaining.  He had just the right mix of humor and information to keep students attentive and involved.  Feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive.  They left the seminar with ideas they could implement immediately.  We've received requests to bring Don back, which we will definitely do!"

Peggy Queen, Executive Vice President, First Coast Apartment Association

“Trainer Don is in a word, fabulous! He makes training sessions and classes fun and interactive. With a back to basics approach grounded in real world issues and technologies, Trainer Don makes problem solving a blast. I always look forward to hearing him and will go out of my way to hear him speak and hear what knowledge he brings!”

Eric Brammer, Regional Sales Manager, Apartments.com 

"The most exciting things about attending a Don Sander's seminar is that his knowledge and experience are so extensive that he can speak on any phase of property management.  But he takes it one step beyond just the subject matter.  he delivers his message using humor and humility, while sharing real life experience stories that we can all relate to.  Not only do you walk away from his seminars with more knowledge, but he inspires you to go out and be the absolute best you can be, at whatever you are doing.  His energy and positivity stay with you long after the seminar is over.  I may be his No. 1 fan!"

Peggy Lugo, Regional Manager, Scully Company 

"Buckle up for an experience like no other!  Trainer Don's charisma and knowledge are a winning combination whether he is training the most basic fundamentals or motivating senior leaders.  I have personally attended several of his presentations and always came away with a smile and re-energized !"

Kathy Devaney, Regional Vice President, Bell Partners Inc.

“I have had the privilege of being a guest at many of Don Sanders training seminars, he truly inspires me and teaches me how to do every day things a little differently, how to think outside the box and how to inspire others at work and personally. After each class I walk away with something new and an improved outlook on how to perform my job differently. His speaking/training engagements are ones that I never miss and make a point to find time for, no matter how busy my work week may be. Truly an inspirational speaker that motivates you both professionally and personally.” 

Sonia Rojas, Community Manager, CAM, Crystal Palms, Scully Company

"Don’s energy lifts the room and sets a great tone, making him a terrific opening keynoter or a great way to close a big day! His energy is contagious, motivational and inspiring!"

Sherrie Franklin, National Account Executive, Indatus

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a joy it was to listen to such a professional delivering an engaging, stimulating and intelligent speech! I have led countless seminars myself, and I understand how difficult it can be not only to hold an audience’s attention, but to encourage them to want to understand a somewhat dry topic such as the apartment industry.  You are able to hit just the right notes, engaging your audience with intelligence, humor and passion in a completely non-condescending way.  That is absolutely key to a successful public speaker and you have an exceptional grasp on what makes not just a good one, but a great one!

Howard Brownstein, Paralegal, Lowenhaupt & Sawyers

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